Thadris Overview


In Thadris, there is no doubt as of the existence of gods. The gods are known to exist, and even frequently communicate with mortals through a relic known as ‘The Divine Dagger’

Hu’Rakan Wars

In the year 1491 DR, the gods communicated to their followers, that one of their own had fallen. They gave little details, only informing of what had to be done to ensure order was maintained The gods required the mortals to elect one of their own to take the place of the fallen god. This put significant strain on Thadris’ political relations, with each species vying for one of their own to be elected. Ultimately however, the unity of Thadris’ two most populated species, the Humans and the Elves resulted in a half-elf named Hu’Rak being elected to take the place of the fallen god.

For the following six months after the election, Thadris slowly began to return to normal. This was ended when the gods yet again delivered distressing news to their followers. It was claimed that Hu’Rak attempted to overthrow the gods and take power for himself. His treachery however, was caught by the gods and they executed him for his crimes. This news divided Thadris’ population, with many choosing to side with the gods and their decision, while others believed Hu’Rak’s execution was unjust, or even that his attempt to overthrow the gods was a conspiracy.

People across Thadris battled, either in the name of the gods, or in the name of Hu’Rak. Those who sided with Hu’Rak called themselves ‘The Hu’Rakan Empire’. In 1947 DR, the Hu’Rakan empire had officially won the Hu’Rakan wars. Now they rule over Thadris, enforcing a strict prohibition of the worshipping of any and all gods other than Hu’Rak.